Our Mission


Our mission is to save and preserve the CLAMAGORE as the National Historic Landmark that she is.

Forty years of salt water has taken its toll on CLAMAGORE’s Hull and superstructure and she desperately needs restoration. We refuse to allow CLAMIGORE to be sunk as a reef or sold for scrap without a fight. We must raise enough money to bring her to her new home in East Tennessee and conduct hull and superstructure repairs before she is lost forever.

CLAMAGORE defended our nation for three decades and now it’s our turn to defend her. Join the CLAMAGORE  Memorial and Preservation Association in our fight to save this National Historic Landmark. Please help friends of the CLAMAGORE save SS-343.

Please see our bylaws.

Potential economic impact

Military History Museums and submarine museums in particular are very popular and typically bring large numbers of visitors to an area lucky enough to obtain one. The location of the Razorback Museum in Little Rock, Arkansas is very similar our city here and it has done quite well.

Progress notes:

  • July 2014 Friends of the Clamagore Facebook site started
  • August 2014 Two local Knoxville TN TV stations had stories on the relocation effort, 355′ x 35′ x 9′ transport barge preliminary design completed and Chattanooga Times Free Press ran article
  • September 2014 Reunion at the Knoxville Holiday Inn Cedar Buff with approximately 80 attendees with Knox County Major attending, Knoxville News Sentinel article,
    First Video completed – developed in Charleston SC area, Bi-Laws completed, Board Members elected and Committees established
  • October 2014 Letter of Interest written from the Knox County Mayor to Patriots Point, Letter written from Tennessee governor to the Secretary of Navy, First printing of Tee Shirts available, hydrodynamic calculations for barge completed and 90 slot parking area designed/drawn.
  • November 2014 State organization established as USS Clamagore Preservation and Memorial Association (UCPMA), Two posters completed, Facebook encountered 2,700 likes/followers, Decals completed, Patriots Point expressed wish to visit Knoxville governmental offices and preliminary route survey completed.
  • December 2014 31-page preliminary hull survey completed by NavCal Marine Services, list of similar submarine museums and their websites compiled, quote for full marine survey received
  • January 2015 www.clamagore.org (this site) first operational, organization contact list established and posted, emails to Moran and McAllister for towing quotes sent, draft business plan loaded to Google Docs for edit and draft Concept of attraction developed
  • February 2015 Suggested museum, and complete site drawings added to Concept of Attraction, Letter of Intent for submission to NAVSEA (Navy) drafted, 2009 NAVSEA Vessel Donation Manual downloaded, proposed membership card format discussed, potential berthing located so far discussed
  • May 2015 Preliminary discussion with Knoxville property owners about a possible location for our barge and sub.
  • June 2015 Group had a booth at the Secret City Festival in Oak Ridge, Tennessee and there was a sub there.SmokeySubSecretCityBWe also heard from the IRS about minor, necessary changes to our bylaws before final 501(c)(3) approval. We also have another website for our group that should be operational soon and we will provide a link to it here.
  • We are now an official, IRS recognized, Nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization