CLAMAGORE will become the central attraction of an East Tennessee Military History Museum.

She will offer tours, educational events and can be rented for special functions.

  • An exciting hands-on tour of a WW II/ Cold War submarine for the first time visitors.
  • Talk to sailors who served on these type submarines and when possible speak to actual WW II submariners.
  • Learn about systems onboard submarines and how they work. They will discover that most modern submarine equipment are related to the equipment found onboard CLAMAGORE…only the power plants are different, a GUPPY III power plant versus a nuclear power plant; Diving and surfacing principles remain the same.
  • UCMPA could provide submarine history videos to the students like Victory at Sea, Thunder Below, Run Silent Run Deep, etc. Just like movies that were enjoyed 50 years ago on this submarine.
  • Knowledgeable tour guides would be available. The possibilities are numerous. And, the experience would be educational and fun. UCMPA sees this as one of the greatest benefits gained from saving the submarine, and a great opportunity. Visitors will actually experience what life would be like onboard a submarine.
Possible initial museum on the transport barge.

Possible initial museum on the transport barge.