One of the major tasks facing our group is stabilization and transportation of CLAMAGORE. With a draft of 16 feet or so feet she is too deep to come up river with its 9 foot dredged depth.

We are considering:

  1. Placing her on a specially constructed barge but it would have an “air draft” (height) of about 53 feet.
  2. Adding buoyancy tanks to reduce her draft but subs are difficult to tow.

Several other options are also under consideration.


Our route will bring us down the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway from Charleston Harbor to Key West, Florida.

From thereĀ  is a short outside hop some Gulf ICW and then a longer outside hop to Carabel, Florida.

From Carabel we follow the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway west to New Orleans, Louisiana.

At New Orleans we start up the Mississippi River, against the current, to Cairo, Illinois.

At Cairo we take the Ohio River over to Paducah, Kentucky.

At Paducah we join the Tennessee for the 648 mike trip to Knoxville, Tennessee.

We hope Knoxville will be her permanent home.