CLAMAGORE at Patriots Point SC

She needs our help to save her.

Our group, the USS Clamagore Preservation and Memorial Association (UCPMA) is trying to save and bring the CLAMAGORE SS-343, the last Guppy III type diesel-electric submarine, to Knoxville, Tennessee as the basis for a Tennessee Military History Museum. As you can tell from the corrosion in the picture she needs our help to save and preserve her.

She protected us and now it is our turn to protect and preserve her. She will allow future generations to see what life and work was like in a diesel-electric submarine during the Cold War Era. Please help us by going to our donations page below and adding your generous support to this very worthwhile project to bring this major attraction to Knoxville.

Our newer subs are out there today still practicing as shown in this nuclear sub article. Adm. Harry B. Harris, Jr. is the overall commander for the Pacific and he has been here in Knoxville aboard TRACE 1.

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